MedExpress Hospital team of skilled pharmacists are trained to offer information on prescription drugs and medicine to manage minor symptoms. They can recommend non-prescription drugs and explain the side effects or possible allergic reactions and drug interactions of certain medicines . .


MedExpress Hospital Imaging is continuously working to provide patients the most up-to-date technological advances and innovative treatment options. MedExpress Hospital Imaging combines physician leadership with state of the art equipment in an easy to access . .


With the latest technology and highly qualified surgeons, nurses and OR staff members, MedExpress Hospital is one of the best-equipped private hospitals in Zanzibar, providing a wide range of emergency and elective operations covering several branches of medicine . .

Intensive care

Our primary clinical priority is to deliver state of the art around-the-clock, multidisciplinary, compassionate, tertiary and quaternary care to critically ill patients in our ICU.

We deliver high quality care to our patients . .

Patient rooms

MedExpress hospital patient rooms have been designed with passion according to our belief in the impact of the surrounding on well being and recovery outcome of our patients, they have been decorated to the finest detail to provide the highest level of patient comfort and care.

Hotel doctor
Multi-speciality clinics

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